About Us

CITY VILLAGE provides integrated consultancy services in the field of real estate. Property owners, tenants, contractors and investors are our customers.

The scope of our business covers residential, mixed-use buildings, and commercial properties. We use our knowledge, skills and experience in generating real value for our customers.

Our mission is to support investment decisions in real estate and their management, as well as to offer for purchase outstanding properties with  potential price rise.

We endeavor to meet our customers’ expectations by offering them a valuable partnership, additional benefits and services, tailored to their specific needs and goals.

The objective of  CITY VILLAGE is to be a brand associated with loyalty, reliability, and integrity on the real estate market.


In CITY VILLAGE we believe the secret of success is perseverance and continuous strive for improvement.

If you share this philosophy, you can send us CV and motivational letter at: office@cityvillage.eu